Mountainous Halkidiki is determined by Holomon, a mountain of 1.165 meters high with big parts of it being integrated in the Natura 2000 network. Holomon is the second highest mountain of the peninsula between Athos and Stratoniko mountain or Aristotle mountain, as it is called. The mountains of Halkidiki have rich vegetation and are covered by huge trees such as oaks, breech trees, firs, chestnut trees. Their fauna is equally rich. Clear and cool waters run in small waterfalls and there are beautiful routes to walk and experience the magic of the mountains with the breathtaking view for trekking lovers.

The natural vegetation of the area has always attracted the interest of the inhabitants even in the ancient times, as they used the wood from the trees to built ships and the naturalists created medicines and drinks from the herbs they collected. Aristotle made most of his inventions by observing the nature in the forests of Holomon where he lived for many years. Now days the “University Forest of Taxiarhis” is a place for study and research for scientists and students.

Observing the ground of the mountains we find an interesting biodiversity of native plants, but there are also cultivations, which are made in ways that ensure environment protection and balance. Oregano, thyme, tea, camomile, marjoram, lavender, linden, rosemary and many more kinds of unknown herbs for cooking, pharmaceutical or cosmetic use.

In recent years with absolute respect to the environment there are herbs and spices biologically cultivated in the mountains of Halkidiki, whereas naturally grown herbs and spices are collected very carefully by hand in order to prevent their growth from deactivation. Perfumes, cosmetics, drinks, spices and aromatic waters are produced from the natural wealth of the mountains of Halkidiki.

The Chamber of Halkidiki has launched a series of events, under the program “Agricultural Development of Greece 2014-2020 CLLD LEADER” in order to promote the gastronomy of Halkidiki.

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