The intense farming tradition that comes from centuries back is carrying on and develops every day. In Central and Northern Halkidiki, on the Holomon massif, in Sithonia as well as in the area of Galatista are the most farms of the Prefecture. The special fauna in combination with the ideal climate are the reason for the pure milk, with increased protein, that the animals of the area produce due to their natural nutrition.

Feta, goat cheese, kefalotyri, graviera, are some of the main sorts of cheese from the area, as well as the local traditional yogurt with its rich flavor and the aromatic butter that gives a special taste to dishes and pastry.

The Chamber of Halkidiki has launched a series of events, under the program “Agricultural Development of Greece 2014-2020 CLLD LEADER” in order to promote the gastronomy of Halkidiki.

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