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The Chamber of Halkidiki has launched a series of events, under the program “Agricultural Development of Greece 2014-2020 CLLD LEADER” in order to promote the gastronomy of Halkidiki. The program was named Taste Halkidiki and its’ strategy is to become a reference for the gastronomy of the whole area, promote destinations, either touristic or not with reference to gastronomy, extend the touristic season, upgrade the quality of tourism and improve the economic development of food production, ho.re.ca and hospitality in general.
Taste Halkidiki is the sun, the sea, the land, the food products, the people, the producers, the local recipes, the customs and everything that has to do with its’ gastronomy and its’ growth all over the place.

History, culture, tradition, the products of the rich land of Halkidiki from the mountains and the meadows, to the sea, but mostly people, meet because of gastronomy and invent, narrate, create, bring out everything old and new, but mostly taste! They taste in an exceptional experience all that, that the nature kindly offers from the ancient times and people make the best of it with joy, fantasy and consistency.



Halkidiki is an endless olive grove. There is a forest of olive trees to see wherever you turn your eyes. with their characteristic silvergreen color.

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Halkidiki is the place of apiculture from the ancient times. Apiculture has always been one of the most important economic activities in the area.

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In Central and Northern Halkidiki, on the Holomon massif are the most farms of the Prefecture that produce outstanding cheeses from animals who get their nutrition in the nature.

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Halkdiki has got a rich and long wine tradition as well as some of the most important vineyards in Greece. You can find wines from Greek and foreign varieties almost everywhere.

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With 550 kilometers coastline, you can find a lot of fresh fish, that smell sea and iodine, every day in the harbors of Halkidiki.

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The developed farming of Halkidiki is the reason for its rich and quality meat production from special races and wild animals which are breeded for this reason.

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The open grocery stores of Ormilia with fruits and vegetables from its' rich gardens is a pleasure to see on the way to Nikiti.

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The mountains of Halkidiki have a rich fauna and are covered from very high oak trees, breech trees, firs, chestnut trees. The local fauna has uncountable and rare kinds of herbs and spices to present.

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Grain is one of the most important kinds for human food production worldwide. Grain cultivation in Halkidiki is the second most important after olives.

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The Chamber of Halkidiki was established in 1991 with a Presidential decree (F.E.K. 7/24-01-1991). Its location is in Poligiros. It is a Corporate Body under public law and an advisory body which aims to boost the local economy, facilitate local businessmen and benefit the National Economy.

With the co-financing of
the Greek State and the European Union

The Chamber of Halkidiki has launched a series of events, under the program “Agricultural Development of Greece 2014-2020 CLLD LEADER” in order to promote the gastronomy of Halkidiki.

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