From Meliton Mountain, to the foothills of Holomon, the meadows of Poligiros, Ormilia, Olynthos to Moudania and the peninsula of Pallini there is a forest of olive trees that reach the sea.
The olives of Halkidiki have an exceptional taste, high nuitritional value and are classifies among the best qualities worldwide. The most common local varities are:

• Hondroelia from Halkidiki
• Halkidiki olives
• Strogylolia (blue, green olive)

Green olives, crushed olives, black dried olives and the extra virgin olive oil of Halkidiki with its bright green color, rich aroma, low acidity and its characteristic peppery flavour, are products that exist in the Greek market and are also exported in 45 countries.

The Chamber of Halkidiki has launched a series of events, under the program “Agricultural Development of Greece 2014-2020 CLLD LEADER” in order to promote the gastronomy of Halkidiki.

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