Valtinger, Local Handcrafted Beer of Halkidiki

Homebrewers for many years, countless brews on the balcony of the house and recipes tested on acquaintances and friends. The involvement in beer production started sometime in 2012 where during an evening full of beers, the first Halkidiki craft beer was born.  With a lot of passion and using excellent Greek ingredients the first Valtinger beer was created, which even its brand name has got a lot of humor.  If you are wondering about the name, the explanation comes right away: Kassanderia of Halkidiki or otherwise Valta gave the prefix to the name of the beer, while the German ending is a result of the German influence-origin.


There are 4 kinds of Valtinger Beer:

  • Valtinger Golden Honey Ale: A golden ale beer with 5,6% alcohol, stands out for the citrus and flower aromas, the compact body, in harmony with the aromas of the bio honey from oak, beech and chestnut trees, from Taxiarhis in Halkidiki, awarded in London (Great taste award).
  • Valtinger Halkidiki Pilserner, with 5,4% alcohol, known for its shiny blond color, the flower aromas with spicy notes, that balance with the bitterness of the fine German varieties of hops with a medium body and its slight malt taste.
  • Valtinger Greek Harvest Ale with 5% alcohol, the second anniversary label of the series Freshand Curious with hops grown with Greek passion and Mediterranean temperament. It’s color is amber and its taste gives generous aromas of citrus and lemon.
  • Valtinger Hop On IPA 6,5% alcohol, and American IPA with the addition of 20gr/lt hops (Zappa, Citra Cascade) in the dry hop so that it gives an explosion of aromas and flavors from mango, passion fruit and ananas.


In Valtinger Craft Beer Shop you can get information about our products and also find many labels of the local and international craft business. 


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Seven Seals

From his home kitchen started Dimitris Stathoris his journey to beer crafting.  He comes from a well known family of cheese makers in the area of Ierissos Halkidiki.  He himself is a graduate of the Dairy Vocational School of Ioannina.  His ispiration for micro brewing and the brand name of his beer comes from the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse of Ioannis with influence, as its creator admits, from Agio Oros, which is near the place where he was grown up:


The Seals are Five up to today:

  • The White Horseman I, the first seals symbolizes the conquest. It is a handcrafted, clear Lager with 5% alcohol and it’s peculiarity is that it contains zero sugars.
  • The Fiery Horseman II, is the second and symbolizes war. It is about a rich in body, blurry Weiss, with 5,5% alcohol and the aromas of banana and clove.
  • The Black Horseman III, the third one, symbolizes hunger and dearth. It is about a blurry and rich stout from oak, with aromas from vanilla and cocoa, coffee and chocolate, with alcohol 7% vol.
  • The Pale Horseman IV the fourth one, symbolizes death and it reenacts it as well. It is a complex Dh pale ale blurr and blond-amber with fruity aromas and hops flavors.
  • The Cest of souls, the fifth, a Double Dry Hopped NeIPA beer, which belongs in the ale category. It has gone through the double dry hop process so that it gains volatile, fruity aromas of hops and a sweet bitter character.

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